Fortune Favours The Brave: Masterpost


Author: Pureklaination
Title: Fortune Favours The Brave
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 30,710
Warnings: None.
Art By: buckeyegrrl - posted here :)
Summary: Blaine Anderson has been at Dalton his whole life. Some would say he’s privileged, but most would describe him as honourable to a fault. When a misunderstanding sees him kicked out of home and Dalton, he has to seek his cousin’s help to rebuild his life. But Mike has plans and a life of his own. Enrolling at McKinley was inevitable for Blaine, but exams, parties, summer camp, and someone falling in love with him weren't on the agenda. Surely if he can get through this, he can get through anything. Courage.
Author’s Note: Fic idea originally taken from this gifset. Many thanks to the amazing xxxraquelita for her beta and consistent cheerleading, to the delightful becky for providing the fabulous art and to gabby, aelora, heidi and katie for being magnificent along the way, love you all :)

In an attempt to have all of my stories in one place, FFTB is now posted in full on AO3

Fortune Favours The Brave

Trip The Light Fantastic, Masterpost
Title: Trip The Light Fantastic

Artist: pencilpushingenthusiast

Author: pureklaination

Rating (art/fic if different): T

Word Count: ~15,100

Warnings (if any): None.

Fic Summary: Kurt Hummel's life was relatively simple. Finding a quiet place to draw in NYC not so much. Once he thought he found it, he never expected what came next.

Link to Art: pencilpushingenthusiast

Art Thumbnail:

Trip The Light Fantastic (Tango)

Dancing Under The Spotlight
Dancing Under The Spotlight
by PureKlaination

Summary: When Chris lands the lead role in a local theatre company’s performance of Dirty Dancing he doesn’t anticipate the drama that goes along with it. The female lead who gets on everyone’s nerves , the past which comes back to haunt him and an eventful trip intgo the closet with the director. Shame Chris’s girlfriend doesn’t approve.
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Vague talk of OC character death, m/m sex, RPF.
Disclaimer: I do not own Darren Criss or Chris Colfer or anything affiliated with them. I ask that this not be forwarded in any way, shape or form to the people in question.
Authors notes:
There were a lot of people to support me during the writing process for this story, starting with Kami, who beta’d with the fist of god and to whom I owe at the very least, my right leg. (I offered her my first born but she didn’t want him, and I’m kind of attached to him.)
Nic, for the beautiful artwork, which she worked so hard on and it’s absolutely perfect.
Ara who planted the initial seeds of plot and sat with me in spirit while I wrote the first 15,000 words.
Odd, someone who became my friend through this process alone, for taking the time talking and plotting things out and getting rid of the worst of my Australian slang.
Gabby for being my constant, wonderful cheerleader and convincing me that it was going to be good because I wanted it to be.
Without these people, and a lot of others along the way this fic would not exist - thank you all so, so much.

They didn’t know each other from a bar of soap at the beginning.


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